Human anti - ZEBOV GP mAb

  • human anti zebov
    human anti zebov

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Immunogen: The human antibody KZ52 was derived from a human convalescent patient who survived an Ebola Zaire virus infection. KZ52 is directed towards the Ebola Zaire virus glycoprotein.
Description: Protein A purified neutralizing human monoclonal antibody reactive to ZEBOV GP (Parren et al). The antibody detects recombinant ZEBOV GP without the transmembrane region (ZEBOV rGPdTM) expressed in both mammalian and insect cells.
Supplied: 100 μg is supplied in PBS at a concentration of 1.31 mg/mL. No preservative is added.
Purification: Antibody is purified using immobilized protein A.
Clonality: Human variable, human constant of the IgG1 isotype.
Relevance: The antibody can be used for detection of ZEBOV GP.
References: Lee et al. Nature, 454:177-182 (2008)
Parren et al. J. Virol., 76:6408-6412 (2002)

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