Rabbit anti-ZEBOV VP40

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Rabbit anti-(EBOV VP40) pAb

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Immunogen: Peptide sequence specific to Ebola virus (EBOV) VP40 matrix protein.

Description: Affinity purified rabbit polyclonal antibody reactive to Ebola virus VP40. The antibody detects VP40 in virus-like particles (VLP) and recombinant Zaire VP40 (rZVP40) in western blot and ELISA.

Supplied: 100 µg is supplied in PBS at a concentration of 1 mg/mL. 0.01% Sodium azide has been added.

Raised in: Rabbits

Purification: Antibody is affinity purified using immobilized immunogen.

Clonality: Polyclonal

Relevance: The antibody can be used for detection of EBOV VP40 matrix protein.

Recommended Dilutions:

ELISA: Assay-dependent dilution.

WB: Assay-dependent dilution; internal QC demonstrates detection of at least 50 ng of recombinant Zaire VP40 at a use dilution of 10 ng per mL of antibody in diluent using an anti-rabbit alkaline phosphatase antibody conjugate and chromogenic substrate for visualization.

Storage: 2-3 weeks +4oC, -20C long term. Avoid multiple freeze thaws.

Cross Reactivity: a very slight cross-reactivity may be observed to Sudan Ebola virus (SUDV) VP40 when using the antibody at high concentrations; no cross reactivity was observed with Marburg virus (MARV) VP40 in VLPs.

Intended for research use only, not for human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.

Rabbit anti-(EBOV VP40) pAb