Recombinant EBOV GPdTM

Cat #: 0501-015
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Description: Mature, recombinant, His-tagged Ebola virus Glycoprotein minus the transmembrane domain (EBOV rGPdTM) is supplied as purified protein.  EBOV rGPdTM is produced in Sf9 insect cells using baculovirus for expression and is purified by FPLC.

Storage: 2-3 weeks at -20C, -80C long term

Size: 100 µg of protein supplied in PBS (supplemented with glycerol, arginine and glutamic acid) at a concentration of 1.73 mg/mL.  The theoretical molecular weight of the protein is ~68 kDa including the His-tag, without glycosylation. Because of the highly glycosylated nature of this protein, migration in an SDS-PAGE gel is slowed resulting in broad, diffuse bands representing differing glycosylation forms.

Relevance: Recombinant glycoprotein provides a means as a control protein for immunoassays and a tool to enhance research.

Western Blot: Quality control testing demonstrates strong detection of GP null and GP1 under reduced conditions.

Intended for research use only.   Not for human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.

Recombinant EBOV GPdTM