Recombinant EBOV VP40

Cat #: 0501-020
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Lot #: 1210002

Description: Recombinant, tag-free, purified Zaire ebolavirus VP40 matrix protein (EBOV VP40) is expressed in E. coli and the recombinant protein was purified using affinity chromatography.

Storage: 2-3 weeks at -20C, -80C long term

Size: 100 µg of protein is supplied in PBS + 0.1% sodium azide at a concentration of 0.74 mg/mL. The theoretical molecular weight of the protein is ~35 kDa.

Relevance: Recombinant EBOV VP40 matrix protein provides a means as a control protein for immunoassays and a tool to enhance Filovirus research.

SDS-PAGE & Western Blot: Quality control testing shows a prominent protein band below 40 kDa (VP40). A protein band between 50 kDa and 60 kDa is also observed corresponding to VP40 with tag.

Intended for research use only.   Not for human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.

Recombinant EBOV VP40